Re-Opening Details

A letter from the director of Hearts and Hands Therapy announcing the RE-OPENING of the clinics.

Dear HHTS Families,

I hope this email finds you all safe and well! We have missed seeing our amazing kiddos and families in our clinics!

I am thrilled to announce we will be reopening the clinics beginning Monday, June 1st, for those families ready to resume in person sessions. Our new patient evaluations are also being scheduled for that week.

With that said, the safety of our patients and staff are our top priority during this reopening process. We are committed to ensuring your children are safe and the environment is as clean as possible while your child is in our care.

  1. All common areas (gym, sensory rooms, and waiting rooms) will remain closed until mid June except for physical therapy services which are completed in the gym.
  2. All non-wipeable or cloth items have been removed from all treatment rooms including rugs and crash pads.
  3. All staff will have their temperature taken each work day to ensure they are fever free.
  4. We will come to your car to retrieve your child for therapy and bring them back to the car after.
  5. We will use a digital thermometer to quickly take your child’s temperature before bringing them into the building **Please note if your child is running a fever or anyone in your household is running a fever, your child cannot receive in person therapy for 14 days after the fever has stopped.
  6. We will wash your child’s hands at the start and end of each session.
  7. We will sanitize all toys/equipment each session.
  8. We will have masks and clear face shields for all staff to wear. If you wish for your child to wear a mask during the session, please send a mask with them to wear.

We realize not all families are comfortable returning to the clinic beginning June 1st. For those families, telehealth services will continue until you are comfortable coming back to the clinic, or until insurance stops covering the telehealth platform.

Please be on the look out for a text or call from your therapy team members as they will be reaching out to you to set up a plan for your family. Please contact the office if you do not hear from your therapist by the middle of next week so we can help connect you!

Thank you all, and as always, thank you for being a part of the HHTS family.

Amy and the HHTS Staff