We provide Touch and Pediatric Massage to compliment to other therapies such as OT, PT, and Speech therapy.

What is Pediatric Massage and Touch Therapy? It is an integrative form of therapy that uses hands-on manipulation techniques that incorporate tactile stimulation, sensory integration, and nurturing touch to address the specific needs of the child. 

Children require tactile stimulation from a variety of sources in order to fully develop their body, mind and spirit. Human beings thrive on touch. It is the very first of our senses to appear in utero, and it is the sense which is the most developed at birth.

  • Enhancing body spatial awareness

  • Alleviate symptoms of pain

  • Improve digestive function

  • Decreases aversion to touch/textures

  • Socializing with peers and siblings

  • Improve sleeping patterns

  • Decreasing anxiety and depression

  • Enhancing spatial awareness

  • Appropriate social behaviors